Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Best Tanning Bed Products

Despite all of the controversy over the link between UV rays and skin cancer, tanning beds remain a popular option. Women and men may use tanning beds prior to special events, such as a prom or a wedding. Others may tan on a regular basis to maintain a sun-kissed glow. Certain products are beneficial for a tanner's health, while others offer beauty benefits. Does this Spark an idea?

Eye Protection

Tanning without eye protection can lead to serious eye injuries, including cataracts and cancer of the eye. Podz protective tanning lenses, which come with a key chain holder for convenience, fit perfectly over the eyes. Since they do not have a bridge to connect them together, they are an ideal option for individuals who do not want tanning lines around their eyes. Keep in mind that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommend tanners to wear snug-fitting goggles that are not cracked.

Hair Protection

The UV rays from tanning beds can cause hair to become dry and brittle. It can also cause color-treated hair to fade. Tanning bed hair protectors work similarly to shower caps. Although there are several on the market to choose from, the Tannie tanning bed cap is the one that is most often sold at tanning salons. It is a washable cap that slides over the hair to protect it from UV ray damage.

Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions do not offer UV ray protection, so tanners are recommended to use sun block. However, most individuals find that using tanning lotions speeds up their tan. There are a wide variety of brands to choose from. It is ideal to ask the salon workers for a recommendation based on skin tone. Individuals who have fair skin may want to avoid using accelerating lotions, which increase the skin's melanin for a deeper tan. These products can cause temporary tingling and redness.

Nipple Protection

Nipples are very sensitive. Women who tan topless may find that their nipples are more prone to painful burning and darkening of the areolas. The skin may dry out, which can lead to peeling and itchiness. To keep the nipples protected, it is ideal to invest in a pair of nipple protectors, such as Tanning Tips. These protectors, which are made of silicone, adhere to the nipples and protect them from the UV rays in tanning beds.

Nail Protection

Women who get acrylic nails and manicures may find that they tend to look yellow after tanning. Others may find that tanning beds causes their cuticles to dry out. The best way to prevent this problem is to use fingernail protectors, such as Nail Savers, which are placed over the fingertips. Toenail protectors, such as Toe Savers, can be used to ensure that a pedicure stays intact.

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